About Me

Joshua Maher Copywriter Brisbane

Recently, what I thought would be an average Friday at my agency job turned out to be life changing – the company was in a financial pinch and I was being let go with no notice.

After adding up my last paycheque and what savings I had in my bank account I estimated I could last 1 month before I was out on the street, broke, and starving.

Even with this impending doom looming over my head I spurned the thought of looking for another job, and instead decided to go for broke and pursue my own business.

But the clock was now ticking… I had roughly four weeks to create ads for myself and for my clients that brought in the bucks or I’d be ruined.

Luckily I knew the magic of how to create successful (profitable) ads that brought in customers, and more importantly, cash.

I’d spent years studying the art of salesmanship in advertising from the great direct response copywriting legends – and I’d translated that into millions of dollars for my clients.

Over the past couple of years, I’d written emails that brought in 7 figures in revenue for one client alone, and I’d increased the return on ad spend tenfold for another small business owner.

That’s how the hyper-focused magic of direct response copywriting works – no more pouring money down the drain on ineffective ad campaigns, no more fancy designs that don’t generate a response, no more throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

Just simple salesmanship that brings in customers to your business and stuffs your bank account with cash.

When you advertise the right way… the way that I can show you, you’ll be able to see a flood of new customers and increased profits almost overnight.

If you want these same jaw-dropping results for your business (so good your competitors will hate you because you’ll be eating their lunch) then get in contact.