How To Get Great Testimonials

Testimonials are a vital part of your sales message. They provide social proof, help overcome objections, and back up claims you make in your copy. The opinion of others matters to us. That’s why we so often rely on the recommendations of others when making purchase decisions. A good testimonial can be enough to knock someone off the fence about your product or service. Where a bad one can drain your credibility and arouse suspicion for your offering. Follow these 6 tips below and you’ll be able to start getting killer testimonials that sell for you. 1. Don’t be shy [...]

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Teach Yourself How To Write Better Copy

I might kick myself for telling you this… But until all the enquiries on my website dry up because no-one needs to hire me anymore I’m going to leave this here. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur that needs to know how to write quality copy and can’t afford my services then this post is a good place to start. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive ‘how-to’ on how to become a stellar copywriter, it’s just some of my thoughts on how almost anyone can improve their copywriting skills and increase their sales by following a few simple steps. [...]

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How Direct Response Copywriting Saved My Ass…

It was a Friday afternoon, almost beer o’clock. I was in my second week at a new job at a marketing firm in Brisbane that I’d wanted to work for years and had spent the majority of it digesting days of video training on Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation, and Advanced Google AdWords. Things were looking great. It was a decent sized team, and I had started the same day with a friend and colleague from and old job in a completely different industry. We were both making headway into our new careers and we were loving it. Then [...]

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