HealthStaffEd Script

For Employers For Unions   HealthStaffEd provides eLearning solutions for companies and individuals in the healthcare industry. They were seeking to attract new clients on two fronts. Firstly, by approaching businesses that hire healthcare professionals such as hospitals, aged care groups, and nursing agencies. Secondly, by approaching member organisations [...]

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AMSED Script

  AMSED, short for Aboriginal Medical Services Education, provides eLearning solutions tailored to Aboriginal Medical Services companies. They were facing a few common myths in the industry such as 'Aboriginals don't like to learn online' and 'Professional development isn't for everyone, only a select few.' They needed an explainer video [...]

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How To Get Great Testimonials

Testimonials are a vital part of your sales message. They provide social proof, help overcome objections, and back up claims you make in your copy. The opinion of others matters to us. That’s why we so often rely on the recommendations of others when making purchase decisions. A good testimonial [...]

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